Breeding at West Mountain Kennels

If you're interested in raising a bird dog from a pup, consider our breeding services.

All of our breeding sires and bitches are OFA-certified (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) with good eyes, hips and general health— ensuring that their offspring are also healthy.

Selective Breeding
We take pride in providing a limited number of clients with superior bird dog puppies, from a variety of breeds.

Above: Buster, Daisy and Pearly Mae. (See story at right.)

Client Testimonial

"My wife Elizabeth and I picked up an 8-week-old black Labrador Retriever puppy from West Mountain Kennel. Anxiously awaiting our arrival at home was our 8-year-old Yellow Lab, Daisy, as well as our 100+ pound Doberman, Buster. The introduction of the Black Lab (Pearly Mae) was gradual. Unfortunately, the Doberman was having trouble not believing the puppy was a breakfast burrito. His behavior became increasingly aggressive, and Elizabeth and I were seriously considering finding a new home for Pearly Mae.

When Ed [Larkin] came to our home to observe our dogs, within 10 minutes the Doberman, who is not known for warming up to strangers, was Ed's best buddy. By the end of the first session, Buster and Pearly Mae were playing together. During that and subsequent training sessions, Ed was firm but gentle with the two dogs, never raising his voice.

A few months have passed, and the two dogs are now inseparable. Heartfelt thanks to Ed, especially from Pearly Mae."